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Scalea is one of the oldest places at the Coast of Cosenza. Its name derives from the step shaped arrangement of the village on the hill at the base of the ledge of Capo Scalea.

On top there is the old town centre with the remains of ancient walls, towards the beach the settlement Scalea Marina has developed in recent times with comfortable state of the art hotels, magnificent villas and numerous bathing beaches.

Scalea’s historic centre is governed by the remains of a Norman castle (11th century). Ammiraglio Ruggero of Lauria who is also mentioned in Boccaccio's “Decamerone” was born there. The Cimalonga tower (15th century) is also worth a visit as well as the Palazzo dei Principi with a wonderful baroque fresco.

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This place surely was inhabited already in prehistoric times. This is proved by Stone Age finds made in a cavern close to Torre Talao above the rocky ledge of Isola de Scalea.

According to ancient stories the pre-indian-european settlement Lao was located in the plain south of Scalea, next to the mouth of the Lao creek, it was inhabited by the Sybarites in 6th to 5th century b.c.

Scalea has one of the most beautiful beaches in this area of the coast.

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