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Natural Beauty
Calabria enchants everybody a first sight with its rich variety of charming characteristics: a warm and colourful world full of contrasts and attractions. Exclusive holiday resorts, historic villages full of legends, excellent cooking, vivid traditions, the warm hospitality of the Calabrians and almost 800 km of coastline with lonely bays inviting you to relax and unwind. Fascinating forests, three national parks, and impressing mountain chains as e.g. the Sila Mountains or Aspromonte are full of inspirations for adventures and nature lovers. The scent of numerous medicinal herbs and spices mixes with the salty smell of the Ionic and the Thyrrhenic Sea. Relaxation is guaranteed here and you will quickly forget your everyday life.


mountain village Meira & Grisolia

statue in Maratea

Scalea at night

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Calabrias cultural wealth
Besides the unspoilt nature you also find the roots of ancient cultures and traditions which are several thousand years old and survived the times in Calabria. The visitor finds a fascinating world where splendid and vivid nature mixes with the traces of ancient civilisation giving room for villages built like fortresses, churches, monasteries, castles and ancient palaces. These numerous historic testimonies and ancient legacies tell us about a cultural history of several thousand years as Calabria has been inhabited since prehistoric times. There were periods of glory as well as of miserable desertedness, the land was devastated by invaders and natural disasters, and still it has conserved its enormous historic and cultural heritage until today.



Antonio Capo Centro Storico

Grotto Scalea

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Benvenuti in Calabria
On the one hand the Calabrians are called stubborn, obstinate and quick-tempered; on the other hand, however, they are proud, loyal, honest, helpful and above all extremely hospitable. You will particularly enjoy this hospitality, if you show your interest in people and country and if you treat the Calabrians with an open mind and in the best case in their own language. A friendly "buon giorno" is always the best way to get in contact. As the contemporary author Giuseppe Berto wrote: “Tourism does not only mean to bathing in the sea and admiration of landscape, monuments, and cities. It also means getting in contact with people of different cultural backgrounds, understanding each other and, if possible, liking each other.